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School Prayer


O God we praise and worship you.
Clean our hearts and minds and bodies.
Inspire us to kindle in the heart of all men.
The true love of peace and brotherhood.
We thank you for the gifts of mind and body.
Open our eyes to the glory and beauty of humble things.
Guide us, teach us and strengthen us.
Till we become pure, courteous, generous and useful.
We thank you for our parents.
May we show our gratitude to you by caring for them.
We thank you for our founders.
Bless them, guide them, inspire them
And keep them in your loving care.
O God, bless our school,
Bless those who teach in it, and those who learn.
May all who come here learn together
That the greatest lesson of all is how to live with others.
And may we go out to be worthy citizens.
Of our country and the world.

School Anthem


Here’s cheer to our glorious school
Here’s a cheer to our founders
As we’re guided by sincerity and perseverance
Here’s a cheer to our traditions strong
Here’s a cheer to our sisters
As we stand together in unity
Successful we shall be

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